novembre 05, 2012

1911 Blouse - "The Edwardian Modiste"

D-7 .. ! 7 days to finish 1911 Suit, or at least, to have one more thing to wear : a blouse !

Back paper-pattern with tucks

This time, it's my first try drafting with apportioning scale's books.
Here I used Frances Grimble book and a 1908 waist/blouse with tucks in front and back.

It was really easy to fit, as you can see : nothing to change on back piece.
About the front, I had to reduce about 4cm (1.5") on side seam.

Tucks in back (fabric)

Tucks in shoulder seam : quite perfect matching !

Today, I tried to add a "lace plastron" in front and cuffs to the sleeves.
Cuffs were easy to pattern.
Lace plastron was supposed to be easy too : a simple rectangle of fabric, to be sewn in one side, in order to cover center front (with buttons)

Here you can see on the left the wrong face of "plastron" and on the right the small snap fastener ; and in the middle buttons closing to be covered.

I'm not completly satisfied with this "plastron"..
And I have the collar to finish...

Just 2 days left, I cross my finger !

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