octobre 29, 2012

1911 Plain Skirt - "The Ladies Tailor"

I missed some bonings for "1911 Longline Underbsut 1911 Corset" so I have to wait my order...

All this time, and because my deadline is coming (remember Nov, 8th) I started a plain skirt yesterday.

 I choose a plain skirt from "The Ladies Tailor" of March 1911.

It was easy to enlarge, the 1st time I found it so easy in fact :)
 The first try of the real-but-mock-up was nearly perfect.

And I'm proud of the quite perfect matching of fabric design

 After 4 Harry Potter movies, I finished to sew almost all the buttons

At last, my first handsewn hem and a one-day-and-a-half-skirt !

I will try to take better pics later because now I have to start Jen's Cover Corset / Brassiere

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