février 26, 2013

Arlecchina - Hand-painted Riding habit

Here is my view of the "Commedia dell'arte" theme for Venice Carnival 2013.

The first step was to choose a charater between all these women :
Main "Commedia dell'arte" female characters

Since the 1st time I went to Venice in 2010, I was dreaming of Arlecchina, the look of her costume and the colors.

In 2012, I bought a beautiful venitian mask, expecting that 2013 would be THE year for this costume.

I didn't want to patchwork the dress, I thought it was too long, too complicated for me so I decided... to paint it, how mad of me... !

Color testing

It took me one year to think about it, trying to find the best way to do and to think up the design (I didn't want to recreate the one on the picture but to make my personal interpretation)

About the pattern, first I wanted to use my usual JPRyan Ladies'Jacket with a laced up stomacher ; but after all I choose a Riding Habit shape and used the Rocking Horse Farm pattern.

On the waistcoat, I painted each color following 3 steps : securing the borders with removable adhesive tape, painting and removing tape.
I was terribly stressed at the first brushstroke because I don't have a gift for manual stuffs (except maybe for sewing... maybe)
Differents steps

On the skirt, the design was bigger so I used removable adhesive tape width as spacing between lines and triangles.

Before / After

Here, 2 pictures from Venice to show you the completed project :

© Novita Chondro Beytrison
© Luc Morel

5 commentaires:

  1. et ba le résultat valait le cout du travail, c'est un très joli costume :) j'adore les couleurs

    1. Merci :)
      Y'a qu'un hic : j'ai a priori pas d'autres occasions de le porter ... :x

  2. Cette tenue est superbe et effectivement les couleurs sont d’enfer.
    Il va falloir créer les occasions : on ne pourrait pas faire un carnaval des déguisements histos avec le MM? Il y a plein de gens qui trippent sur le sujet ...

  3. C'est très réussi,une belle interprétation du costume et de jolies couleurs, chapeau!

  4. Le résultat est à la hauteur, superbe !