octobre 15, 2012

1911 Corset - Day 2 [EN]

I had a looong but productive day today : scaling up the pattern and first mock-up.

1/ Scaling up the pattern with 2 measurements ; waist of course, in red and also hip, in green, even if it's not really necessary with my measure.

(well, you can notice that Center Back piece is upside down ^^)

I enlarge the pattern so that I will have restriction of 7cm (2.5") and lacing gap of 5cm (2")

2/ Tracing pattern on mock-up fabric,  with beautifull seam allowances !

It's the first time I use so "big" seam allowances (1") but I'm really glad of this, especially because of my "big blunder"...

Proud of my pattern, I sew my mock-up quickly, I add some boning channels on seam allowance and I try it.

Do you know the height of an accoutant ? it's to write "divide by 4" on notes and to divide by 6... :s
I miss 6cm (2 1/4") at the waist... *stupid girl*

So I need to unpick the mock-up, dispatch this gap and sew again the mock-up :/
Well, will see tomorrow...

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