octobre 14, 2012

Longline Underbsut 1911 Corset - Norah Waugh [EN]

It's funny that because I read so any blogs by English-speakers, it's sometime easier for me to write directly in english   ... as today !

So, for my new project, I've been researching for hours and hours 1910's corset and need to decide now on which pattern I'll use, because my deadline is upcoming (November 8th)

Today, I am left with those 3 patterns, which seem quite the same but are all different on several details.

- Festive Attyre pattern :
Festive Attyre Pattern & Result

 - Bridges on the Body pattern : 
Bridges on the Body Pattern & Result
 - "Corsets & Crinolines" by Norah Waugh : 
Norah Waugh Pattern & Drawing

I must be crazy because I think I will start with the Norah Waugh, even though it looks more complicated than the others, because my first (and only) scaling/patterning experience was with a pattern by Norah Waugh.

First step : printing and enlarging the pattern !

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