mai 30, 2014

1906 Ball Gown

So sorry to have been silent for so long...

Here's an article to present my 1906 Ball Gown, made last year for the beautiful event Downton-sur-mer.
The pattern comes from a Frances Grimble's book using apportioning scale.

The first step was to scale up the pattern, really easy using the apportioning scale tools on the books.

I had only one little problem on skirt length, as you can see in the picture I had ton extend about 44cm (17").

I made my mock-up with an old sheet from my grandmother.

I decided to change the back closure onto a side closure, using a piece of hook and eye tape.
But I also need to find a solution for 2 things :
- how to sew the sleeve with the closure ?
- how to slip the bodice easily with the shoulder stripes ?

The sleeve
is sewn only in front side and once sliped, buttoned on the back.

The shoulder stripes are buttoned to the back too.

And then came the looong time for trimming ...
I cut out 2 yards of black lace and did a lot of tests to find the most lovely and delicate way to arrange it. It took me one week before I have finished hand-sewing all the lace, but I'm very satisfied with the result.

I let you enjoy some pictures in situ :)

September 2013, Trouville (France) : Downton-sur-Mer 1913
More pictures of this event :
Le P'tit Photographe part 1
Le P'tit Photographe part 2

A few weeks ago, we went to UK with friends ; this week end gave me a new occasion to wear the dress. We had diner on Bluebell Railway train in Sussex.

More pictures of the trip :
La Machine à recoudre le temps
Temps d'Elégance

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  1. Je ne saurait pas dire si ça vient de la forme qui dégage les épaules et la nuque, ou bien de la couleur, mais cette tenue te met magnifiquement en valeur. J'aime beaucoup

  2. Je suis totalement d'accord avec le commentaire de Solène, tu es juste merveilleuse dans cette robe. C'est une très très belle réalisation !